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O’Shaughnessy’s Tiny Titans strategy

These stocks have little analyst coverage and are generally ignored by institutional investors. This should mean that there are more opportunities for out-performance within this group of stocks as compared to the market as a whole.

Mechanical Buffett

We're not claiming an automated Buffett strategy will out-perform Buffett, but we think it is a useful exercise to see how Buffett concepts and metrics perform over the long-term using rules-driven approach.

Ken Fisher: low price-to-sales 

Kenneth Fisher highlighted the use of the price-to-sales ratio as a quick and easy metric to find potentially undervalued companies. He reasoned that, "any stock with a low price relative to its previous 12-month sales would rise if its future earnings became large enough to translate into a low future PE"


We offer investors the ability to test before they invest. This gives them a rational basis for improved investing performance. Having the evidence on hand, and knowing what to expect, allows an investor to stick with their strategy during the tough times. In short, a back-testing engine allows for clear, structured decision-making and it empowers an investor to invest with discipline.

What do we do?

We offer investors the ability to build and test long-term equity investment strategies. Strategies are based on factors which tend to result in superior returns. Such as value, size, quality, momentum, efficiency etc. Automatic updates allow our users to run ‘live’ strategies

Pain points

Emotions cloud judgement, especially in times of stress. Psychological biases get in the way. The financial markets are noisy.