Forwardcaster’s back-testing engine buys and sells companies based on your strategy’s criteria and portfolio settings. It runs through the history of the stock market looking for companies to buy or sell according to your investment criteria.

A typical back-test takes less than three second and analyses over 30 million data points over more than 15 years of market history. As Forwardcaster uses a point-in-time database, companies which were merged, acquired or went bankrupt are included. This helps to ensure that your investment strategies are robust and built for the future.

Forwardcaster helps you to answer these questions: 

  • What’s a best-case scenario? What’s a worst-case scenario?
  • Which valuation multiple has a tendency to outperform? Do any?
  • Should I consider companies with strong price momentum?
  • How often should I rebalance my portfolio?
  • How do I manage portfolio risk?
  • What’s the level of volatility I can expect with a 10-stock portfolio versus a 50-stock portfolio?
  • Should I diversify my holdings across industries?

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