With Sharesight’s API, Forwardcaster now offers Sharesight members the ability to track equity investment strategies linked to their Sharesight portfolios.

  1. Get portfolio-specific, data-driven results each day, week or month linked to your Sharesight portfolio.
  2. Build and test your own equity investment strategies
  3. Link the strategies you like to your Sharesight portfolios
  4. Login to Forwardcaster using Sharesight’s login here

3-months Free Trial - Full Access

If you have a Sharesight account, you can get 3-months free access. Build and test as many equity investment strategies as you want. As this is a live-beta release, we'd love to hear your feedback. Sign-up here to run a few strategies. Let us know your thoughts.




Sharesight is an award-winning cloud investment portfolio tracking solution used by thousands of DIY investors and finance professionals. Sharesight leverages 20 years of historical data and syncs with brokers to track trades, dividends, and corporate actions automatically. You can use Sharesight to run performance and tax reports in one click.

Sharesight currently supports over 25 Stock Exchanges and Managed Funds - meaning data such as the price, dividends and corporate actions for holdings in your portfolio will update automatically.