1) Go to the Portfolio page:

2) Click ‘+Portfolio’. This takes you to the Portfolio Edit page. Note: The greyed-out boxes cannot be changed:

3) Change the name of your portfolio by clicking on the pencil icon next to ‘Name Portfolio’. Enter in your portfolio name and click ‘Change’:

5) Enter your portfolio value, in this case $25,000. This value determines the size of each position based on the portfolio settings of your strategy. If the position size of the strategy is 4% then each investment will be starting with a value of $1,000:

6) This portfolio has $5,000 in cash to invest. The engine will deploy this amount according to your strategy’s criteria and portfolio settings:

7) Link a strategy by clicking on the arrow in the ‘Link Strategy’ dropdown (note: you must create a strategy before you can link it). ‘Dividend Value-CopyNZ’ has been selected here. Choose the frequency you want the engine to assess the market, with the ‘Track frequency’ settings. The options are to run the strategy each day, week, month or year looking for the companies which fit your criteria:

8) Finally, click ‘Save & Run’ to generate your results: