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Capture survivorship bias

Capture the benefits of survivorship bias, directly own the stocks you want, have transparency over what you’re investing in and why, operate within a rules-based risk management framework.

Rank all companies

Our FC Stock Signal ranks the market each day. It uses metrics known to drive market returns, namely: value, quality, efficiency and momentum. See how it works...

Shariah stock strategy

A shariah stock strategy for the Australian market. The strategy excludes companies which generate most of their income from the sale of alcohol, pork products, pornography, gambling, military equipment or weapons, as well as companies which pay interest on debt.

Stress test your strategy

Stress test your strategies by quickly testing them over well-known market events (e.g. the 2008 Global Financial Crisis). This helps to set your expectations for best- and worst-case scenarios going forward.

Pain points

Emotions cloud judgement, especially in times of stress. Psychological biases get in the way. The financial markets are noisy.